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Nothing sets the tone of your business like a clean office. Visitors will judge your service or product on the cleanliness of your establishment and your employees work performance will shine when everything is spic and span! Office cleaning is a booming business and there are good as well as bad services out there. To get the best commercial cleaning crew into your building there are a few questions you will want to ask.


The first item during the initial office-cleaning interview should be about contracts. Do they have one and how binding is it? You do not want to be stuck in a poor business relationship for fear of reprisals due to a strict contract. Many times, it is acceptable to have a trial office-cleaning period with no active contract that way both of you get a feel for how well the relationship will work. Once the trial period is over you should have a professional go over any contract with you before you sign as a service may give you top notch cleaning before you sign and not so much after.


Inquire about the type of equipment they will be using to for office cleaning. Commercial cleaning crews are beginning to get on board with environmentally sound equipment and cleaning supplies but not all have made the conversion.


You will need to know quite a bit about their hiring practices and employee relations as well. For instance, are they providing work mans comp? How do they screen their crew? Both of these will be very important to your business, if they do not have compensation insurance and someone is hurt on your property you could be liable, and if they do not screen applicants you could wind up with theft or destruction on your hands.

Background Check

No matter how good the offer sounds you will want to do your homework on any office cleaning crew you are considering. This can be done in several ways and truthfully, you may want to employee them all. Check for:

* License and certifications

* Better business bureau complaints

* Bond certificates

* Insurance

* Workers compensation

* Registration in your state

* 5 personal references that are recent


When all of the above has checked out be sure you and the office cleaning service are on the same page as to cleaning expectations. The best thing you can do is have a premade list of items you expect to have cleaned with you when you meet your commercial cleaner for the first time. You might also have a secondary list of what you think would be extra office cleaning chores. During the conversation mark off items as they are discussed and then be sure to point out any that are not covered. You will then be able to negotiate their addition to your cleaning regimen.

You can never be too careful when hiring a commercial cleaning staff. This is your business and livelihood, do not trust even the building to just anyone. When you follow, the tips above you should be able to find a reputable office cleaning crew that you will be happy with for quite some time.

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